Revolutionizing Banking for

Mint USDr using LP as collateral, all while collecting yield.

How it works

Unlock the power of your Solana liquidity

Deposit LP

Use your LP as collateral to mint USDr by depositing into a Ratio Vault.

We redeploy your LP into yield farms so you don't miss out on yield farming gains while your LP is locked. Ratio uses advanced financial principles of modern portfolio theory in order to vet which LPs are safest to use as collateral.

Mint USDr

Automagical debt repayment for collateralized debt positions.

USDr is a soft-pegged USD stable coin that represents a collateralized debt position (CDP). USDr is a highly liquid form of leverage that can be used to pay off loans, make investments, or to pay off debt for a Ratio Vault. You can use your earnings from yield farming in order to pay back your USDr debt.

Earn yield

Multiple yield-streams will be made available through USDr.

Collect the yield from your redeployed LP, earn RATIO governance coins through supplying USDr-USDC LP, and easily deposit USDr into stable-swaps/vaults/funds. Ratio Finance makes it easy to maximize your yield while protecting yourself from downside risk.

Track Gains

Easily visualize your risk and rewards.

Visualize your earnings and opportunity cost within the Ratio Vault that you minted USDr from. See how close you are to liquidation, pay off your USDr debt, or top up your balance. Ratio Finance makes it easy for anybody to get sophisticated insights into the health of their collateralized debt positions.

Step 5

Effortless Liquidation

No auctions.

In the first iteration of Ratio Finance, liquidation will be handled automatically via the protocol. As the network becomes more decentralized through the dissemination of RATIO governance tokens, new liquidation logic and opportunities may be proposed by the RATIO community.

Core Features

Three distinct advantages to traditional asset management.
Maximized Yield
Community-owned overcollateralized asset management with high yield and instant withdrawals.
The wallets of Ratio Fund creators are vetted on-chain to confirm Profit and Loss.
Automagical borrowing
Borrow RatioUSD against your deposited collateral. The interest from your deposits pays off your loan.

What are Ratio Funds?

Ratio Funds (RFs) are user created Vaults that allow depositors to earn high yield on their assets. Depositors in RFs can partially determine the yield rates that they want for their funds by negotiating with RF creators. RF creators can use deposited funds any way that they like as long as they achieve the agreed upon minimum return.
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High-yield, low-risk.

The Ratio Protocol only interacts with stable coins, protecting users from volatility. All funds deposited are backed 1:1 by RF creators and the Ratio Protocol itself. Decentralized insurance protects users' funds in the case of a breach. Withdraw at any time and enjoy your unprecedented returns.
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How Does Ratio Work?

Community-owned, decentralized banking made easy.
Launch the App
Log into the Ratio Web App with your Web3 wallet of choice.
Deposit Stable Coins
Deposit stable coins into an RF of your choice to begin generating return.
Earn High Yields
Through the RATIO token, RF creators are incentivized provide high ROI for their depositors.

More Features

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Begin your journey into decentralized asset management and high yield opportunities.


Follow our journey

Phase 01
Q2 2021


-Development of risk methodology


-Onboarded a world-class team
-R&D, development of test-net.

Phase 02
q3 2021
Phase 03
q4 2021


-Partnerships with major institutions
-Release of test-net
-Integrating feedback and building main-net functionalities


-Main-net release
-Code Audit

Phase 04
Q1 2022
Phase 05
Q2 2022

Going Global

-Partnerships and integrations
-Development of new features
-Integrate new forms of collateral

Open Finance

-Education for institutions
-Begin onboarding TradFi into Defi

Phase 06
Q3/4 2022


Proudly backed by some of the biggest names in DeFi

Ratio Protocol is using LP as collateral in order to allow users unprecedented liquidity while still taking advantage of yield-farming opportunities.

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